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Powerful marketing strategy – Client testimonials

Client testimonials are powerful marketing strategies. They validate your expertise, differentiating you in a competitive market, and influencing potential clients’ decisions to choose your services.

A testimonial should clearly show the specific change and be concise for maximum impact.

Gather many of these testimonials. Use them in your marketing. This will help your business grow and succeed.

How to approach obtaining client testimonials.

  1. Identify the most significant service you’ve offered to this specific client.

  2. Request Permission: Send a personalized email and ask for a testimonial sharing their experience. Indicate how long the survey will take. 

  3. Proposing that you draft the testimonial on their behalf, which they can then review and confirm.

Write a specific outcome in the email.

Here are examples of specific outcomes:

  • Tax Optimization: Advising on tax-saving strategies and maximizing deductions.

  • Time Savings: Handling financial tasks, allowing clients to focus on core business operations.

  • Accurate bookkeeping: Maintaining accurate financial records for easy tracking and reporting.

  • Peace of Mind: Offering expert financial guidance, relieving stress and uncertainty.

Sample email to obtain client testimonial approval: Maintaining accurate and timely bookkeeping

Subject: Your Experience Counts!

Hello [Client's Name],

I hope you're well. Your partnership with [Your CPA and Bookkeeping Business Name] has been invaluable.

Could you share how our accurate and timely bookkeeping service benefited you? Your insights can help others. If you'd like to give feedback, click the link below. Three short questions and takes a few seconds, but no pressure if you prefer not to.

[Insert the feedback link here]

After receiving your feedback, we'd be glad to draft a testimonial for your review.

Thank you for considering!

Warm regards,

[Your Name] 

[Your Title] 

[Your Contact Information]

Examples of the benefits of accurate bookkeeping.

  • Simplify your tax preparation, make tax season a breeze

  • Save you valuable time during tax and audits.

  • Provide a clearer overview of your financial health 

  • Help in quickly generating vital financial reports

  • Enable faster decision-making, 

Feedback questions

  1. Did [Your Bookkeeping Business Name]'s service make your financial records clearer and decision-making faster?

  • Agree

  • Disagree

  • Don't Know

  1. Has [Your Bookkeeping Business Name] been responsive, reliable, and diligent in managing your books?

  • Agree

  • Disagree

  • Don't Know

  1. Would you recommend [Your Bookkeeping Business Name] to others looking for accurate and timely bookkeeping that lets them focus on their business?

  • Agree

  • Disagree

  • Don't Know

Simplify testimonial feedback collection by sending a form.

Sample testimonial draft

Big thanks for their amazing bookkeeping service. They're accurate, quick, and dependable.

Before, I struggled with understanding my financial situation. Now, I make smart choices with ease.

Without them, my business bookkeeping would be overwhelming. They're a game-changer for small businesses like mine, and I strongly recommend (Your bookkeeping business name).


  • Identify the success outcome both before and after using your service.

  • Include the specific results related to the accurate bookkeeping service.

  • How would their financial management have been affected without your service.

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