Manage your firm & clients in one place

Organize your work effortlessly by handling clients, tasks, invoices, files, proposals and other tasks with our all-in-one work management solution (CRM).
Projects Management
It helps with project planning and scheduling, establishing clear goals, easy task management.
Tasks Management
Task management software can help you manage workflows, monitor deadlines, track resources, and more.
Clients Management
It can be used to keep track of the details of projects and track the preferences of each customer.
Generate Documents

Emailing documents to clients is easy and quick

Generate a proposal, contracts, estimates, & Invoice, to your customer through e-mail as a PDF file, which can be authorized by the client using an e-signature.
Generate Document
Generate a proposal, contracts, estimates, and invoice, in PDF format.
Facilitate customer approval with e-signatures.
Premade Template
Pre-made templates enable easy creation of proposals and invoices etc.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) manages customer relations and interactions, streamlines business workflows, and boosts customer satisfaction.
Centralized client management
Centralized management of clients can be made more efficient when utilizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
Track Client Work Progress
Easily and conveniently keep a continuous track of the progress of the client in real-time without any difficulty whatsoever.
Get Client Files Securely
Receive accounting documents or files securely and effortlessly from customers using our CRM.
Task & Project Management

Unified comprehensive solution for all work domains

Team productivity is enhanced using our work management system as it enables efficient execution of tasks, projects, and processes, thereby enabling the successful accomplishment of shared goals at scale.
Work Efficiently
It is entirely possible to accomplish tasks with maximum efficiency by integrating all work functions into a cohesive system.
Intuitive Work management
Organize and oversee the tactical aspect of work, including daily duties, utilizing user-friendly work management technology.
Secure file sharing

File sharing with your clients

Sharing files with customers or clients is an important aspect of business communication and collaboration. By having an efficient file sharing system in place, companies can save time, increase productivity, and improve client satisfaction.
Our cloud security deploys SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS certified data centers and encrypts all data at rest, ensuring top-level protection.
Managing customer files according to customer tasks provides a convenient approach(CRM).

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